Choosing the wrong container

First and foremost, you need to know what you’re going to be using your container for. Is it an office space? Is it a storage shipping container? There are many different varieties of containers and you want to familiarise yourself with the vast range to pick the best option for your needs. Some varieties are refrigerated, some are top loading, side loading, high cube, and some are specially designed for storing dangerous and hazardous goods.

Not preparing the containers floor

It should come as no surprise to you to learn that shipping containers are big and heavy. When you are thinking about where to leave it for an extended amount of time, you want to make sure the ground is ready for it. If it’s dirt or sand terrain, you may need to get a reinforced concrete slab installed to avoid any erosion or weather from disrupting the ground and shifting the container.

Also watch video below:

Not inspecting it in person

A common mistake we see time after time are people who don’t fully understand what they’re about to buy. A physical inspection lets you check the container to your satisfaction and visualise your ideas with it. It also helps visualise modifications you may want later on.

Over modification

Modifying your container gives you so much freedom and control with how you want it to be. Although it can be hard to recover if you go overboard. For example, it can be hard to replace that extra window you no longer want. Plan your modified container wisely.

Be careful with second hand

All CTS Storage second hand shipping containers are inspected before being made available to purchase and mod. If you’re not purchasing from us however, think of it like a used car. You can never know its full history, and you may discover a huge liability later. Always physically inspect a second hand container before you purchase it.

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