Forklift Hires in Nairobi

forlift for hire in kenya – Powered by batteries, these forklifts are small and compact. The 1.8-3.0 tonne Komatsu models have water resistance, dust proofing and impressive energy saving features that also makes them suitable for outdoors. In addition, their smaller size, lack of exhaust emissions and low noise make them the ideal choice for indoor lifting.

Gas, Diesel, LPG and Petrol Forklifts – In addition to our electric forklifts, we also have engine powered forklifts that run on diesel, LPG or petrol. Strong, durable and great at handling outdoors operations they are available in lifting capacities of up to 25 tonnes. Our range of forklifts for hire in Sydney are also fitted with innovative features for the best visibility, ergonomic design, and ease of use.

forklifts for hire in nairobi

As the experts in this field we can also help assist you if you need any attachments for the professional heavy lifting at your workplace. Let us know if you need any clamps, slippers and rotators.

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