Truck Rental Kenya Trucks for hire

Our trucks for hire are reliable and affordable

Trucks for hire

Trucks for hire are available be it for long term or short term.

Hire Options

We can charge you per trip for small jobs which most people prefer because you pay for the job done. If your assignments will involve excavations, we would want the opportunity to provide an excavator. Breakdown in excavators delay those jobs rendering our trucks to be idle.

Trucks can also be hired on daily basis whereby payments are calculated per day. It is important to note that unless a truck breaks down or failure is on our side, all payments have to be made whether they work or not.

Other hire options are invite subject to all parties getting into agreement.

Our trucks and equipment are always driven/operated by our drivers and operators respectively. You cannot get your own drivers. Contact us for truck rental kenya more details fill the form below or visit our offices on the physical address shown on this site.

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