motor grader, sometimes called a grader or road grader, is a narrow multipurpose construction machine used to flatten a surface during grading projects. Generally speaking, the working principle of a motor grader is it uses its moldboard, or blade, for rough or fine grading.

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Our graders are modern and filled with advanced technology to ensure that whether you need a final trim or heavy cut the work is completed exactly how it’s meant to be. Graders for hire in Adelaide are a popular machine because they are able to provide a clean finish on a house block, new civil infrastructure build or motorway upgrade.

graders for hire in Kenya Equipment Hire  We have graders plus other construction equipment and machineries for hire.

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Graders are also often used to construct and maintain dirt and gravel roads. When tarred roads are being constructed, graders are used to prepare a wide, flat surface before the asphalt is placed.

Before large buildings are constructed, graders are also used to finish grade.

These machines are also surprisingly versatile, being able to create inclined surfaces if desired.

Brand CAT
Model 140K
Year 2014-2018
Weight 17.5T

Powerful Engine With High Efficiency

WEICHAI high-power and heavy-load engine is strong and powerful.VHP technology can adapt to different work conditions,

such as light load, middle load and heavy load, with different power curves, so that the machine

can always work within the minimum fuel consumption range

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