Motorcycle and Boda Boda Tracking Services in Kenya is a fairly new idea in the car tracking industry. But with the increasing number of motorcycle theft in Kenya key players in the industry have welcomed the move.

Motorcycle tracking in kenya
Motorcycle tracking in kenya

Motorcycle tracking in kenya

The Best GPS tracker for motorbike and car tracking in Kenya Motorbike tracking in Kenya/ Motorcycle tracking with a mobile app in Kenya Secure Your Motorcycle 24/7

Motorcycle Theft

With the high crime in Kenyan motorcycles are being stolen at an alarming rate. The reason being, that your bike is an easy target. Bikes can be loaded onto the back of a bakkie in minutes. Little attention is drawn to the theft, and there is no need to hotwire the bike. Vena solutions Tow alert will notify us should the bike move while parked.

Rider Down

Using Vena solutions’ accident protection technology, the Vena solutions Bike Unit will alert us instantly should the rider go down. This allows us to contact emergency people on the riders contact list. This will allow us to get medical attention to the rider as soon as possible.

Power Consumption

Drawing less than 3 mha from the bike battery in sleep mode the Vena solutions Bike Unit (depending on the bikes battery condition) will allow up to 60 days between starts.

Delivery Fleets

With more and more companies turning to bikes for quick and cost effective deliveries, Vena solutions can offer the fleet manager the opportunity to monitor riders and deliveries in real time. This increases productivity and reduces running costs.

Product Features

The Vena solutions Unit offers full live tracking and rider safety to fleets as well as individual bike owners, with the knowledge that we have your back. Once installed each owner gets web based access, allowing both casual riders or fleet owners the ability to login and run reports on trips, speed and locations. Allowing total control of the bikes movements online in real time.

Bike Tracking
GPS Vehicle Tracking via GPS
Street Level Tracking in Real Time
Recovery Country Wide
International Roaming (optional)
Main Power Low Alert
Rider Down Low Alert
Tow Detection via GPS
Daily Live Status Update
Programmable Events Report
Speed Alerts
Mileage Monitoring
ER 24 Road Side Assist
Internet Tracking
Cell Phone Tracking

Works on  GSM /GPRS network and GPS satellites, this motorcycle tracking solution is a professional motorbike tracking system.

It consists of a highly sensitive and reliable motorcycle GPS tracker and server tracking software. N

ot only does it transmit the longitude and latitude coordinates to your cell phone by SMS, but also transmits the coordinates, vehicle status and alarm information to the designated server by GPRS (online Tracking Platform).

With this Tracker you can:

  • know where the bike is,
  • where had it has been ( history reports),
  • what the status it is,
  • set geofence and
  • speeding alarms.
  • stop the bike by cutting off the circuit and fuel!

What’s more, it supports a hand-free phone call between the driver and call center. This solution can be widely used in the vehicle tracking, valuable assets monitoring and fleet management areas.


  • Waterproof function
  • Inbuilt Magnet
  • Tracking by SMS and GPRS
  • Google link function
  • Cut-off power and fuel remotely
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Speeding alarm
  • One input, one output
  • Main power lost alarm
  • 1000mAh Internal Backup Battery
  • Built-in GPS and GSM antenna


  • Dimension: 78mm x 54mm x 27mm, Weight: 135g,
  • Network: GSM/GPRS, Band: 900/1800Mhz ,850/900/1800/1900Mhz
  • GPS chip: SIRF3 chip,
  • GPS sensitivity: -159dBm,
  • Digital input: 9-36V DC,
  • Analog Input: 0-15V,
  • Cold start: 42 sec.,
  • Warm starts: 38 sec.,
  • Hot start: 1 sec.,
  • Battery: Chargeable3.7V, 1000mA/h battery,
  • Operation temperature: -40°C to +75°C,
  • Humidity: 5%–95% non-condensing,
  • Standard Accessories: 1 Small screwdriver, 1 User manual.

Best GPS bike Tracking System: Track Your bike in Real-Time

Insightful Bike Tracking System

Stay assured about the safety of your bike, wherever it may be. LocoNav’s best motorcycle GPS tracker lets you intelligently track and monitor your asset to avoid theft or harm.

Bike Lock

LocoNav’s Motorcycle GPS system gives you control over locking and unlocking your bike from remote locations. Employ our best motorcycle GPS tracker to ensure complete control over your vehicle.

Live Alerts

Get instant alerts on over speeding, entry and exit points, unwarranted idling, etc. with our bike GPS security system. Manage servicing and maintenance on a single platform.

Motorcycle Health

With a real time GPS location tracker for a motorcycle, you can get all diagnostic reports, from mileage to health. Now enjoy a great experience on the road with the best bike GPS tracker.

Two-Wheeler Security

Our GPS tracker for a motorcycle delivers complete visibility over your vehicle. Track every movement your bike makes and ensure that it is parked where it is supposed to be.

Monitor Fuel Expenses

LocoNav helps you save big on fuel expenditure and manage your operational costs. Now monitor the driver’s behavior and scale down on idling with our online GPS location tracker for a motorcycle.

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