Lowbed  for hire in kenya

At Lowbed  for hire in kenya we are Transport and rigging specialists, ready to transport any load from local one off transport to cross border and long term contract transport. Loads from under 10 Tons to over 100 Ton abnormal loads.

We offer heavy plant equipment and machineries transportation services….. Low Loaders available for Hire.

Lowbed  for hire in kenya
Lowbed  for hire in kenya

Lowbed Trailer Rental Services

Our lowbed trailers offers the flexibility to handle any size and weight loads. We have fully qualified teams of riggers ready and able to assess your lift and transport needs.

Here is some more information on our Lowbed Trailers Rental Services:

Various different models available to suit customer requirements.

Uses of our Lowbed Trailer Rental Services

Low Beds are a horse/trailer combination used to move earthmoving equipment between sites. Various sizes of low beds are available depending on the weight and/or the dimensions of the equipment to be moved.

Crane Hire Lowbeds:

  • 3-Axle
  • 4-Axle

Lowbed  for hire in kenya

  • 40 000kg
  • 70 000k

Lowbeds Load Capacity

  • 9.0M/2.6M
  • 14.0M/3.0M

4 axle low loader for sale. Perfect for construction equipment, transportation of specialized cargo. Sold as is where is basis

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